Manual & Automated Testing

Software testing is a crucial phase in the software development life cycle (SDLC) that aims to identify defects, bugs, and errors in software applications or systems. Software testing can be performed using different approaches, including manual testing and automated testing.

AARK Technology Hub specialize in both Manual and Automation Testing, which can assist your project at any stage. By combining manual and automated testing approaches, we achieve a balance between thoroughness and efficiency.
Manual testing provides human insights and exploratory testing capabilities, while automated testing enables faster execution, repeatability, and coverage of repetitive test scenarios. This lets us provide the Quality & Effectiveness to the whole process of client Project.

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Our Testing Services:

Test Planning

Our testers work with the development team or stakeholders to understand the software requirements, identify test scenarios, and define test objectives and strategies.

Test Case Development

Test cases both manual and automated are created, based on the identified scenarios and requirements.

Manual Testing Execution

Manual test cases are performed by testers, following predefined steps and verifying the expected outcomes. Detail feedback is provided, bugs are reported, and testers work closely with the development team to resolve issues.

Automated Test Script Development

Automated test scripts are created using testing tools or frameworks. These scripts can be executed repeatedly, reducing human effort and ensuring consistency in testing.

Automated Testing Execution

Automated test scripts are executed to perform regression testing, functional testing, and other repetitive tasks. Test results are analyzed by testers and are reported incase of any failures or issues.

Test Reporting

Test reports, test coverage documentation, defects identification, and overall test results are generated for staeholders. It helps them to make informed decisions about the software's quality, and release readiness.

Test Maintenance

Test cases and scripts are mainained and updated as the software evolves, ensuring continuous testing coverage and adaptation to changes.