API Design and Management

API Design and Management
API Management is the process of overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure, scalable environment in a controlled way. Gateway, Publishing tools, Developer portal/API store, Reporting and analytics, and Monetization are typical components required for API Management.

AARK Technology Hub's API development services include simple API integration services to complex multiple end-points custom API development too. We deliver outstanding web API services. Our teams of API developers are packed with a wide range of expertise to construct web APIs that completely match your business requirements.

AARK Technology Hub follows two concepts when it comes to API Design that is 'PSD (Problem Specific Design)' and 'PAYG (Pay as you grow)'.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • PSD stands for Problem Specific Design: AARK Technology Hub recognizes that there is no Universal Design that can satisfy all the needs of the Client. Unlike most of companies, we are not trying to force clients to buy our product. We are trying to design the Product that solves their Problem and let them focus on expanding their business.
  • PAYG stands for Pay as you Grow: AARK Technology Hub understands no business requires all the features on day one that is why we provide PAYG (Pay as you Grow) model. We are not trying to be cars salesmen or Insurance agents, we are here to listen to you and provide and charge you only for the solutions that you require.