Pay As You Grow

What should be the new spending model for Startups and MSME Industries is now answered

As discussed in the previous blog, the question, what should be the new spending model for startup and msme industries is now answered
Machine learning is something that has the power to rule the world in the future. Use of Machine Learning is one of ACE OF SPADES in your deck of cards that will make people work proficiency and will revolutionize the business environments in the future, by enhancing business scalability and improving business operations.
When we talk about large scale businesses and industries with the turnover of above hundreds of crores are engaging their businesses with machine learning and new ways technologies. But what about small or medium scale businesses and industries.
Why are they deprived of this opportunity?
Why can’t they take advantage of Machine learning or other new technologies for their business?

There are many reasons you will hear from MSME businessmen and industrialists. A few of them are
I am too old, I don’t have enough energy as I used to have.
This business has no future so why put money in it, let it run as it is running
You don’t know what you are talking about. How will this technology help me to make more money?
and many more reasons.
For startups most of the reasons are
We need to raise funding first.
We are a startup so we can't make an effort to hire the expertise for Machine learning or HDFS.
We need to first please investors.
Or my favorite one let’s add to our investment deck to score better funding and then we will think about it.

In AARK Technology Hub experience one Lifetime is less to hear all excuses. But if we look closely to all excuses the main reason it boils down to is one and only
So what is the Solution? How to overcome this obstacle? Should MSME and startups should give up and remain in their comfort zone? Or should we try to figure out what is the exact number that will cost to small scale businesses and startups to grow their business with the latest edge cutting technologies?
Here is our spending model
comes into picture. That’s what we think as a company, there should be no breakpoint in your business when it comes to connecting your business with machine learning or some other technology. PAY AS YOU GROW model will help MSME and startups to connect themselves with the new technology and ideas without being struck with the barrier of “FUNDS”. Just pay as per your requirements move your business graph to the top.
“Money is a byproduct of your continuous hard work, relentless effort, unbreakable will, and Social attitude that we put in your business and industry. It cannot stop you from investing in your ideas, and revolutionize your business”