Aark Technology Hub Warriors

Learn to Endure and Overcome the adversities of Pandemic

Warriors, whenever we hear this word it conjures up images of mighty battles, Lord Rama, Arjuna, and Karna. However in current uncertain time and policies I would say everyday people(Labor, Industrialist, Employee) are warriors too, as everyone is trying to overcome corona obstacle in their life.
The world was already full of problems before the Corona pandemic but the corona pandemic has hit the world with a lot of new problems.
Lockdown is one of the basic solutions that can help us right now . But lockdown has a hard impact on the economy of the country and takes economy below the ground level. But with the guidelines from the government, Red, Green, and Orange zones were identified. Along with that some concessions were given to companies to restart the work again.
AARK Technology Hub as a company ensures that all its employees, workers, and staff follow proper Government sanitization guidelines before entering the Company premises. We provide a clean and safe working environment to our employees to work proficiently.
AARK employees were having two options
Contribute by staying at home, and staying safe.
Contribute for the country by working for the economy without breaching the rules
Guess what! we pick option two.
Every employee of AARK Technology Hub is a warrior, who is Enduring, Overcoming their adversities of Pandemic and working in hard times for the company, for their family, and for the country's economy. From now on, We are not AARK Technology Hub employees, we are the