Cementing The locals

Vocal for local - The New Era Swadeshi Movement

The Swadeshi movement, every Indian must have heard about it either on textbooks, news channels, movies, social media. It was a part of the Indian independence movement. Developing Indian nationalism was an economic strategy aimed at removing the British Empire from power and improving economic conditions in India.
In the early 19th century the fight was against the British Empire but now we have to tussle against the Chinese products and somehow against China. Getting on to the things, what we should do as a part of the nation, and what the government can do to strengthen the Indian market.
Our Part in the Swadeshi Movement
There are two things which we can do as a citizen of India,
Give priority to Indian products and services
The second is boycott the Chinese items as much as we can.

The main question that will come out of curiosity in most of the people out there is
Why to pay more for the same thing which we can get for much less amount but Chinese
Here is some information how much our nation are dependent on China
The major part of products India imports from China are iron and steel, gold, silver, organic chemicals, optical and medical equipment, and much more.
Now the thing is these minerals are basic bricks for manufacturing industries so boycotting this will not be possible. But things like electronic items(worth 40 million USD) in which we have some other options, are the zone where we can give powers to the local industry. Brands like Havells, Bajaj, Kirloskar, 3M, Phillips, and Bosch should be preferred over Chinese products.
China has captured over 70% of the world market share for toys. Last year, only 20% of India’s $1.3 billion toy market was served by Indian toy makers. And the rest of the imports are from China and Italy. After the partial ban on Chinese products in 2014, giving more power and wealth in the hands of local vendors and the Indian handicraft industry which is 90% rural-based industry.
India is one of the biggest importers of Chinese goods. Chinese smartphone brands currently control 51 percent of India's over USD 8 billion smartphone market. We should prefer buying mobile phones from these brands ASUS, SAMSUNG, LG, MOTO, SONY, APPLE, NOKIA, MICROMAX, and much more.
On one hand, our soldiers are fighting them and on the other hand, we buy Chinese hardware and use software like the TikTok, Like, Helo(Social media application), PUBG (mobile gaming), UC(internet Browser) we give them business worth crores so they can arm their soldiers to fight against us,
For the success of the swadeshi movement, the masses should come together. But somehow we are failing in this. As steel imported from China has a high import duty by the government. After this increase in import duty, Chinese steel was more costly than the local one. So the local vendors also increased their rates to gain extra profit.
Is this the Swadeshi movement? NO
For any revolution we need everyone to cooperate and play their part. So we need to should avoid this kind of mentality and come together to bring the change the country needs desperately.
When it comes to doing business rank, India is ranked 77th in the world according to the world bank survey 2019. The basic point is “STREAMLINE PROCESSES”. For starting a new business there are more than 20 permissions varying from industry to industry. At every stage, the legacy of corruption continues, which makes it more difficult for a normal citizen to start from scrap and build a nation's name in the Global market.
Now the question comes what should be our steps. When we mention 'OUR' it includes MSME, Startups, Labors, Local vendors, and Government because without all these communities and agencies comming together Swadeshi movement or Atmanirbhar bharat are just words look good on election banners.
Initiative have to be taken from Government such as
Better Tax reforms for MSME and local vendors in general
Make exporting easy for MSME
Provide More Research and Development credit to business sector
Tax breaks for people who are buying and using Indian products and machines
Have Meeting with MSME business (of each state,district,village) to understand the problems that face to compete
Open workshops for both uneducated and educated labor to improve their skill
Make opening startup in India easier

Initiative have to be taken from Businesses/Local vendors such as
Make Machines in India rather than importing
Focus on improving labor skills
If government is reducing taxes then make sure you pay honestly
Be open to changes in business tactics rather than follow the old school tactics of making quick buck
Think long term

Initiative have to be taken from Labor such as
Be respectful to your work
Open to improve your working skills
Before thinking that what company have done for you, think that what you have done for the Company and Nation
This is a long race that can only be won if we come together to escalate, to scale up, to buttress, and become the voice of locals in the international market.