AARK '5 S Principle'

Our mantra "Be Simple, Be Sustainable, Be Scalable, Be Secure, Be Strategic"

5 S or FIVE ‘S’ is a principle commonly known as 5 S technique. AARK Technology Hub follows it for efficient production, for a better product designing, and for better results to your business. Thus we can also address 5 S technique as AARK 5 S principle. This principle focuses on producing finer and superior solutions for our customer satisfaction, and keeps us one step ahead in business customer relationships.

This business principle is all about taking a new step towards the betterment of customer relationships.
So, what does each 'S' stands for and why is it important?

5 S stands For:

1. Simple
2. Sustainable
3. Secure
4. Scalable

Simple : Easily understood or done, presenting no difficulty is what the actual definition says. But when it comes to involve “simple” with your business process, the process should require very low intelligence to operate. Putting more and more complexities does not increase status or the price.

Sustainable : Sustainability is the ability of an organization to continue its mission or program far into the future. All your services or projects have to end eventually, but the impact should continue. When we are working in a team or as individuals for client solutions, the client solution(or product) sustainability should be number one priority so that impact of the product can still be felt even after the production life cycle is over. This in return makes a good impact on the market and customers plus provides credits to the company.

Secure : For physical businesses or especially for an IT firm, it is essential to keep your business premises in order and protect it from unwanted intruders. This is not just to protect your business, but to help you serve your customers better without hassles or disrupted services and products. A customer's data is everything on which a C2C, B2B, or B2C relationship depends upon. Safeguarding the data either in service or through the market should be the priority for the service provider.

Scalable : The attribute describes the ability of a process, service, and software to grow and be manageable with increasing demands and changing environment. A system, business or software which is scalable has an advantage over other products since it is more adaptable to the changing needs and demands of the users and clients. As a company it is necessary to be adaptable and feasible with the growing demand and constantly changing environment.

Strategic : For a business organization involved in innovation the very first point in the whole creation process is to have a strategy. But strategy it self is not enough, you have to be Strategic.While creating a solution, you will probably get stuck. At that time you need to be Strategic enough to work around it. Being Strategic is a requirement for any organization to stay relevent in today's world.