Vocal About Local

It's time to stand up with locals

Vocal About Local
“Vocal about Local” is not just a line but a movement, that should have been started long time back but as the saying goes “Better late than never”. We should take opportunity of the current crisis and step in the new world together as the voice for Locals. Former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao had unleashed the India growth story and Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave the country the push required for infrastructural development Now in the time of covid pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given his slogan “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” to the citizens of India to promote local industries and market. Giving the chance to local Industries and Manufacturers, the opportunity to speak out through their products and services is just –“VOCAL FOR LOCAL” Ministry of Home affairs(MHA) announced that canteens of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) will now only sell indigenous products starting June 1st. It is an appeal to make the country self-reliant and using local (indigenous) products will surely help the path for India to lead the world. The basic idea behind this is to boycott chinese items because of China's dirty acts intrigue for getting the crown of world supremacy.
The effort to put China down was started earlier in the year 2015 and was partly successful. Our neighbors have always been our rivals <>in terms of manufacturing, and producing cheap and durable products.

Together we(industrialists and Government) have to solve this puzzle

China has already made its mark in the world by exporting their products in almost every country. Even after being India's rivals, India's half of the smartphone market depends upon chinese electronic products.
Most of the assembly lines are now shifted in India, which were used to be in China earlier. Now the idea behind giving the powers to local Industries will change India's landscape and present India as a business hub for the world in the long run. This will also help the local manufacturers and MSME’s to increase the production which means more profit. This step to strengthen the local vendors and the India’s MSME sector will help the country in the time of economic crises. AARK Technology Hub as a company understands it's responsibility. That is to ensure the Personal Growth, Growth of the Company along with the Growth of the Country