AARK Login System 2.0

Talk the talk but Walk the walk

pay as you grow and learn
Talk the talk but Walk the walk, we firmly believe in adapting to new technology. When it comes to talking about something, it’s better to talk with proof and examples. So here we are presenting you with the successive version of AARK technology Hub AARK LOGIN SYSTEM The code will be publicly available for any developers or company to use.
Here is the GitHub Link ( Link )
The AARK LOGIN 2.0 now contains 2 more additional pages
  • Walk through Screen
  • Dashboard Screen
Along with the screens the code also contains sample drawable xml and walkthrough image files that will be very useful for beginner developers.

Below is the Little explanation of WALK THROUGH SCREEN and DASHBOARD SCREEN

The main reason for introducing the walk through screen was to Introduce first-time users to your app. To show a first-time user how to get the most from your app, present onboarding information at app startup. The walk through screen main purpose is to show up
  • Present detailed information on which pages are available when a user first accesses a channel app.
  • Illustrate any required or recommended steps that users should take when using the app for the first time.
The Dashboard screen shows up the user details which are feeded by the user to the application. The screen designing part can be developed in the ADOBE XD, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, or any other platform as per the requirement. In our case we have done this in ADOBE XD it is easily adjustable with the devices.
We as a Team in AARK Technology Hub have shown our work quality and proficiency in any technology through our projects. But this time we are doing our part for the community of the programmer, developers and the people who are just starting as beginner coders. This AARK Technology Hub LOGIN SYSTEM 2.0 project is freely available on our GITHUB and you can easily download and use it anywhere you want.